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How to hire strategically in 2023

Posted over 1 year ago by Lara Lee
Hiring Guidance

We’re expecting hiring to become a lot more about strategy in 2023. 

After a couple of years of chasing tails and fast reactive hires, we are likely to see the market slow slightly throughout 2023. 

As a result, hiring which does take place is likely to be done strategically, with key goals and objectives in mind. 

How can I hire strategically in 2023? 

Strategic hiring is focussed on securing key positions within a company to help achieve business objectives. In 2023 this could look like a growth marketing manager to help drive product growth or a developer to assist with online channels which reach key audiences. 

Step 1: Understand who you need and when by

Taking a broad look at your teams and asking how they can contribute to the business, and whether they need additional support to achieve company objectives is important. Once you’ve got a clear picture as to how your teams need to expand, start considering timelines. 

When do you need someone in by? And then work backwards, taking into consideration the time to hire and availability of the skillset in the market. Make sure to plan potential dates for interviews, shortlisting and reviewing applicants as part of this.

Step 2: Promote your brand 

Hiring in 2023 is going to be more unique than ever! 

Though there’s a recession on the cards, candidates are still likely to be looking to join companies which meet their values and needs in the workplace. 

This means a strong employer brand is going to be key to attracting (and retaining!) great talent. 

It means getting loud about all of the amazing things which make you unique as an employer. Sure, promoting your benefits and flexibility as part of this is great, but also take some time to consider what your culture is like and how do you reinforce this? 

Step 3: How can Pitch help?

We recognise that there can sometimes be a knowledge gap in businesses around what a fully mapped recruitment plan should look like, and how on earth you can get your employer brand out there in the best way possible. 

It’s why our retained recruitment service exists. To help you strategically navigate recruiting for your teams. 

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