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Pitch appoints Heidi to the board

Posted about 1 year ago by Rebecca Thomas
H & R3

I signed my contract as a Director and shareholder of Pitch way back when in 2016, a fresh faced 29 year old I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself into….for all I knew my shareholders agreement gave Rob access to my house, bank accounts and hopefully made him take responsibility for my credit card debt.

Fast forward 7 years and include events such as an office closure, exit of a valued director, world pandemic, senior hires, senior fires, staff changes, economical highs and lows, plus an eventual maternity leave it’s fair to say I have experienced a lot in what I’d consider a short period of time. I’m not sure I was ever qualified for the role of a Pitch Director, let alone shareholder. I gained my stripes via commitment to the business, blood sweat and tears of the recruitment and a love of the team and what we do.

In comparison, our new Pitch Shareholder, Heidi Moreby is quite the opposite…

Heidi joined us in Jan 2021 – she was (and still is) polished, professional, experienced, capable, committed, organised, invested in her career and well networked. She was everything we’d been searching for and a whole lot more.

Did I develop imposter syndrome when she walked through the door? 100%. Heidi made a grand entrance and without even realising it she pushed me beyond my boundaries. Heidi’s appointment made me better at my role, shifted my focus, encouraged my development and made my fire to succeed burn even brighter. I did try to compete with recruitment sales, but once she started there was no stopping her, she was quite simply much better than me.

Heidi’s ability to drive sales and push activity created a new path for me. Allowing me to sharpen my skill set and focus my energy in a new direction.
2.5 years in and Heidi joins Rob and I as shareholder of Pitch. I feel incredibly lucky that Heidi chose Pitch as her next career step. Post pandemic we weren’t exactly standing tall with a team of 50 behind us. We were small but, in my opinion mighty and I’m glad she saw the potential Pitch has.

Now as an official member of the board I am incredibly excited at what the future holds for Heidi and I. As Rob takes a step back from the day-to-day, Pitch enters a new chapter of its journey: a 100% female leadership team, a new focus and a team who are equally as engaged and committed as we are.

As our new leadership takes its form, I’m motivated and nervous all at the same time. We will face new challenges, practice new skills, deal with issues we’ve not dealt with before and hopefully experience new highs we’ve not yet had the chance to reach. I’m realistic that our journey together wont all be sunshine and rainbows. There will be tough moments and even tougher decisions to be made but when the going does get tough I know for sure Heidi will have my back, and I’ll be right there to have hers.

Heidi – Thank you for the dedication and commitment you invest into Pitch and for the love, heart and soul you put in daily.

We have ambitious plans for this little recruitment agency and with Heidi on the board with the green team there’s no stopping us!