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Benefits of hiring temp talent

Posted about 1 month ago by Natasha Price
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Did you know...

According to the CIPD on average in the UK over a third of employees leave their organisations each year! This is pretty high if you ask me and I don’t believe it’s necessarily reflective of the marketing, pr and creative industries, but, we have seen candidate confidence return to the market so there is more movement out there.

Whilst employees leave roles for a variety of reasons, the effect their departure has on internal teams can be damaging and have a significant effect on long-term corporate performance.

Whilst firms seek to retain lost talent, 72% of employers consider skill shortages in the market to be negatively impacting the hiring process, causing the average recruitment time to lengthen. We can most definitely vouch for this, process are taking much longer in the current market. 

This timeline can negatively impact business functionality, where a loss of key figures combined with an over reliance on less skilled employees means the quality of work produced may decline, adding additional stresses to an already stretched workforce. 

So what can you do!?

Organisations may do this by introducing a temporary/interim staff member to fill the gap, which though may be seen as an extra cost in the immediate period, may help reduce stress levels for your permanent members of staff. As you are taking into consideration their already heavy workloads, it may also help staff look favourably on the organisation. 

The skills shortage has been shown to impede the hiring process, especially when searching for senior figures with specialist skillsets. If this role is urgent, you may only hire permanent talent which fulfils part of your criteria, creating a short-term solution to your wider issue. 

This can be avoided by utilising a temporary staff member, who will enable you to make more deliberate decisions regarding who you hire, which is likely to have a positive long-term effect on your business. 

Losing an employee can be disruptive to project schedules. Replacing previous talent with an individual who requires training and additional support has been shown to increase the amount of time invested into a project, causing projects to go off budget and over-schedule. Hiring a temporary member of staff who is used to working to short deadlines and is an expert in their field is a useful way to ensure your projects remain on track, whilst you source more permanent talent to fulfil all your criteria. 

How can we help?

Here at Pitch we can offer a range of freelance, temp, fixed term and perm solutions so whatever your situation, budget or skills gap we can help. Contact our freelance team to find out how we can help today

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