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Derby CIPR Mental Health Awareness in PR Workshop

Thursday, 13 February 2020

9:30 to 14:00


Cipr Mental Health

Taking place at the University of Derby Sports Centre on Thursday 13th February 2020, this interactive half-day workshop with mental health trainer Lisa Whittleton will give delegates the opportunity to learn, discuss and come away with actions for their workplace.

1. Explore perceptions around mental health, stress and pressure to build a better understanding and reduce stigma

• Discussion around what mental health is, the language we use, and honesty about perceptions and biases we hold (in relation to real life scenarios)

• Industry specific statistics around mental health and discussion of key stressors and identification of own triggers


2. Start the conversation around mental health to build confidence in how to open up if you are struggling, but also how to approach a colleague if you have concerns about their wellbeing

• Exploration of own barriers to asking for help, or recognising we need help – includes discussion around self-talk, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and expectations

• Developing non-judgmental listening skills

• Guidance on having helpful conversations


3. Build self-awareness in order to recognise warning signs in ourselves and others


4. Introduce practical ways of creating a more supportive climate within PR organisations alongside balancing business needs

• Group exercise to identify what organisations are already doing to promote positive mental health to share best practice & what could be done better, discussion on flexibility and overcoming barriers to achieving a healthy life balance


5. Consider helpful coping strategies and where to go for additional support

• Individuals to develop a toolkit of strategies to maintain positive wellbeing

• Guidance on external support available

About Illuminate

Illuminate are specialists in mental wellbeing in the workplace, providing training, consultancy and vocational rehabilitation support to organisations to develop manager and employee awareness, knowledge and skills.

Lisa Whittleton is a passionate and engaging vocational rehabilitation consultant and trainer with a wealth of experience in supporting individuals and organisations to be proactive around managing their own, and others mental health and stress levels. With a background in Occupational Psychology she brings the theory to life through examples from her experience working with and empowering individuals with complex health conditions to thrive at work.

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