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Marketing Meetup Colchester - Christmas Drinks!

Monday, 23 December 2019

18:30 to 20:35


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It's one day before the big guy comes and it's been a hell of a hectic year. There's nothing I'd enjoy more than a night of drinks with some lovely people...

at 3 Wise Monkeys.
We could head to Coda too.
Open to suggestions.

Who's in? Join us.


And finally...

Please let your marketing friends and colleagues know about this group too, I hope to build it into a great resource for the Colchester marketing community over the coming months and years. Attendance will be taken at this event. If you RSVP 'Yes' and then do not come, you will receive a strike. Three strikes and you're outta here! This is simply a measure to allow appropriate respect to the organisers, speakers, sponsors, and your fellow community members :)

See you there!

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