Whilst freelance and contractor recruitment is very much at the heart of what we do, we recognise this can be a new area for many businesses.

Our recent poll into the recruitment plans of hiring firms showed that 42% of respondents are looking to hire a  short-term solution to skill gaps or peaks in demand by hiring a temporary or freelance worker.

In choosing to take this route we are frequently faced with a lot of questions from companies who understandably want to ensure they are taking the right approach for their business from a cost and efficiency perspective.

To help guide your decision on whether to hire a freelance or temporary worker, we have compiled some of the biggest questions and concerns businesses have, including; 

  • How can I source a freelancer/temp?

  • Is hiring a temporary employee more expensive than permanent?

  • Can I trust temporary employees?

  • Is hiring a temporary or freelance employee not just more hassle and admin?

  • What are the benefits of using a temporary or freelance employee?