One of the top questions we are currently being asked is how can I onboard a candidate remotely?

When you are used to conducting business face to face, this can be a complex issue for many business owners. With concerns mounting on how to intro them to the team, convey company culture, brand expectations and get even the basic administration elements done from home, on boarding a candidate can be so pressure inducing that you may think “what is the point?” and delay start-dates.

Whilst this is an option for some businesses who rely on face to face introductions and guidance, there are many businesses for whom on boarding a team member can be done virtually.

To help put this guide together for you, we sought guidance from our agency clients who, due to working on a fully remote basis, are able to frequently onboard new team members from a distance. These tips come from some of the best in the industry and may help you to create your virtual onboarding process.