Pitch Perspective: The Autumn 2020 job market

Whatever industry you’re in, the past six months has seen some significant changes and the recruitment market is no different. But, we have learned a lot during this period, and the market has changed and evolved to adapt to the challenges we have faced.

This document is to share what we have experienced, changes we’ve seen and is intended to provide you with some insight to help you plan for challenges moving forward.

What you get:

  • A recruiter perspective on salaries - how they have changed in a post lockdown market. 

  • What roles and skill sets are in demand this Autumn. 

  • For candidates - A section highlighting what you should consider before changing jobs, how you can find a job in an increasingly competitive market and our top recruiter tips for permanent, freelance and temporary candidates. 

  • For clients - A section highlighting considerations you could include in your temporary and permanent hiring process, including whether you should use remote interviews and whether there is increased flexibility in the benefits package for salary reductions and flexible working options. 

  • Why you should consider using a recruiter, addressing financial concerns and how we can help protect your employer brand.