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No-one recruits in December, right?

Posted over 9 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
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Perceived wisdom states this is the case. Yes, some have an eye on their mince pies and mulled wine. And yes, many are frantically tying up those final campaigns of the year. It’s true that we’ll reach a cut off point two thirds through December, but until then it’s very much the storm that precedes the calm. Or in this case, Turkey.

However, this doesn’t stop a lot of clients planning resource requirements for the New Year. And that’s where we can help. How?

Many of our clients have already secured new recruits for the start of Q1. So whilst it might already be too late to get new starters lined up to start on 2nd January, searching for, interviewing and offering candidates before we all don our party hats, will ensure new recruits are firmly in place in January and up to speed before the year gets into full swing.

We’re experiencing a positive surge of activity with a higher than usual level of roles continuing to come in. An interesting development is that we’re also experiencing faster, more efficient interview processes, meaning candidates are being snapped up very quickly.

No time to recruit before Christmas, but a clear need for talent? No problem. It’s still the perfect time to give us the lowdown regarding your talent requirements. Once the sprouts have digested and the Quality Street have been devoured, a lot of candidates will be making new year’s resolutions to treat themselves to that new job they’ve been craving. So by briefing us now, we can ensure we’re actively promoting your opportunities over the Christmas period, ready to help you get people on board as soon as possible in 2015.

As always our team are on hand to offer their expert advice on the market place and help you plan ahead into the New Year.