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Pitch welcomes return visit of CIM for industry seminar

Posted over 9 years ago by Rob Markwell
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For the latest event hosted here at Pitch, we welcomed back the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and our friends from Edson Evers for a second presentation in the content marketing series: ‘A brave new world for marketing or is 'Big Brother' programmed to win?’.

We were delighted to present Stephen Kay and Alison Richards, who shared their ideas to successfully navigate the ever-changing digital communications landscape.

Introducing the subject matter, Stephen set the tone for the evening with a powerful opening, “Every week there is yet another ‘revolutionary’ way to communicate with customers and other stakeholders. Understandably, marketeers are ‘dazed and confused’, as the relentless increase in media outlets is matched by an equally relentless decline in consumer attention spans. To paraphrase today’s Generation Z … "not listening, don’t care, it’s not about you’s all about ME!"”.

During this informal presentation, the speakers explored these issues and tried to provide a framework so delegates could decide what sort of content marketing will work for their brands and audiences, and how to best to deploy it.

Later in the evening delegates were invited to enjoy a drink and discuss the thought-provoking topics raised by the talk.

We’re always happy to host industry thought-leadership events – watch this space for information regarding future presentations!