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Marathon Man

Posted almost 7 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
Rob Markwell London Marathon

Congratulations to Pitch MD Rob who not only managed to finish the London Marathon but did so in an incredibly respectable time of 3hrs25mins, raising £3000 for the NSPCC in the process. 

Once he’d regained his breath, Rob gave his thoughts on his first marathon: “What an experience! It hurt at times but I loved every bit of those 26.1 miles. The NSPCC is such a great cause. I’ve been fortunate to grow up with a loving family, a wonderful education and good health. For some children, life isn’t as kind and NSPCC works hard to help & protect those in need so they grow up to be positive and happy members of our society.”

Ever the glutton for punishment, Rob is also running the Great Manchester Run in May and the inaugural Birmingham Marathon in October, along with other members of Pitch's growing running club. 

Rob Markwell Running London MarathonRob Markwell Running London Marathon