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Freelance: The Ultimate Summer Saver

Posted almost 7 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
Freelance Summer

The summer months can be a turbulent time for any business. Kids are on their school holidays, the sun is shining (even if it’s hidden by clouds and rain much of the time), smoke from countless, weather-permitted BBQs swirls into the sky, and employees across the country are looking forward to a well-earned break with their loved ones.

You don’t begrudge your employees their time off, they put in maximum effort day in-day out and are deserving of a few days away. But you may be worried about how this could affect your business.

What about that major upcoming pitch? Who’s going to keep the development on track for your key client’s website? Who can keep the multitude of projects running smoothly while your team are off on their jollies?

We at Pitch understand the problems this can cause your business and we have the perfect solution. Our freelance team at Pitch has never been stronger. We have an array of available freelancers ready to fill the gaps in your summer projects, ensuring that they continue to run without a hitch while your employees are away.

Perhaps you need somebody to come in for a couple of days, perhaps you need them for a couple of months. Short or long-term, we have excellent, talented freelancers on hand for just about any eventuality. We are fully prepared to assist you with any needs across marketing, creative, digital, PR, and account handling.

Gaps in your team might have you hot under the collar this summer, even if the sun won’t, so take away the hassle and stress by dropping Clare a line!

Midlands/London - 0121 270 4080

North West/Yorkshire - 0161 870 6074