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5 Tips to Achieve Job Satisfaction

Posted almost 7 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
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According to the dictionary ‘job satisfaction’ means, “the extent to which a person’s hopes, desires and expectations about the employment he or she is engaged in are fulfilled.”

As a general definition this summarises things pretty well, however, as recruiters what we see is that it can mean many different things to different people and usually encompasses a lot more than just the job itself.

If you’re looking to improve your interpersonal, communication, teamwork or leadership skills, here are 5 tips for achieving a greater degree of satisfaction at work:

1. Work to your greatest strengths
Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you enjoy it, and just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean you’re good at it! The most effective and fulfilling use of our talent comes from working in a position where we simultaneously achieve goals and feel good about ourselves; you must try to define what it is that you enjoy most at work and what area you achieve most in – the ranges that overlap are where your personal and professional potential for success lies!

2. Create a good working relationship with your peers
There’s an old saying that we join an organisation for the job and leave because of the people – so when you start a new job, ask your manager how you can work best with them and also communicate the most effective way they can get the best from you too. This creates the perfect platform to build from.

3. Find purpose in your work
Find out what the organisation’s direction is and what it wants to achieve.  How does what you do contribute to the organisation’s business goals? If you’re not sure, ask your manager or peers; if you have thoughts on how you can add more value to the organization, be proactive in bringing these ideas to your manager. You never know what additional opportunities this may lead to…

4. Find a working culture that fits you best
Know what’s important to you and look for an organisation that shares similar values to yours. Values are those things that are most important to you – when we respect our values, we live a more satisfying life.

5. Fine tune your skills
We don’t all want to be CEO, but we can all strive to get more from the work we do! Most people want an opportunity to grow themselves, stretch their capabilities and become more masterful at the things they can do; ask about job-specific technical training or seek to broaden your role in the workplace and engage in opportunities to develop your skills in your own time – the internet offers a myriad of learning resources and employees who are proactive in self development will always stand out.