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London Is Great… But There’s Plenty of Opportunity Outside the Capital

Posted about 6 years ago by Stephen Dowling

As a nationwide recruiter, we have a wide lens on the depth and quality of marketing and creative work being produced across the UK. London is internationally recognised as a leading centre of creativity and there’s no disputing it’s standing in the global community; there are some fantastic agencies and brands based in the capital, many of which we work with.

It is through our work in London and the regions that we have noticed a developing trend of people relocating out of London. What we find is that at certain life stages, whether this is getting on the property ladder, wanting more space for your money, wanting to raise a family outside of the hustle & bustle, or wanting to be nearer to friends and family, people often want to move out of London.

The problem with this? There is a common misconception that leaving the capital can limit career trajectory, or that the quality of work and creative opportunities are lesser. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is exceptional, world-class, work being produced across the UK regions, by both leading brands and agencies, examples of which have won awards from Prolific North, through to Cannes.

We’ve successfully helped numerous people make the move over the years and we wanted to showcase just what this has meant to their careers, wellbeing and quality of life. We caught up with former candidate Samantha Elmidoro who recently took the plunge to leave her role at Sky News in London and relocate to Manchester.

“Deciding to relocate from London to Manchester was a big life decision to make. Over a couple of months, I assessed everything from work-life balance and what it would be like to live up North, to salary expectations and the type of creative work I could be doing. After weighing up the pros and cons, I decided to go for it.

The overall job hunting process with Pitch was smooth, personable and considered. After finding them through a “Manchester digital jobs recruitment” Google search, I sent my details through and they were quick to respond to talk through my exact requirements.

The team was insightful about where my skills would be best placed, making it personal to my experience and career preferences. From the start, the team was thorough and communicated every aspect of the process in great detail, as well as giving me some really useful resources in preparation for interviews and presentations.

The outstanding part of working with Pitch was the overall communication. Frequent conversations over phone and email about interview preparation, areas that I wanted to work in - both for my line of work and geographically - research and company background, really put me at ease being 200 miles away from the city I was planning to start a new life and job in.

In my first two weeks at media agency Citypress as Senior Social Media Manager, I’ve been fully thrown into the mix. The agency has already trusted me to do high-level work such as client presentations and strategic planning - a big positive at such an early stage into my new job. And after settling in so quickly to the team, workload and agency life, it has filled me with confidence and has been reassuring knowing that the daunting task of relocating was all worth it.”


If you’re considering a move out of London and are looking for tailored advice about opportunities in the regions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.