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PlacedByPitch | Becky

Posted about 6 years ago by Rob Markwell
Placed By Pitch Becky

It is always great to hear back from a candidate that we have helped place in a role that they love and are thriving in. This is where the idea of PlacedByPitch came from, we wanted to share how some of our top candidates, from juniors through to seniors hires, are getting on in their new positions and the advice they would offer other job seekers in their search.

Last year Trish worked with the wonderful Becky to help her secure a new role after she relocated to a brand new city. She answered some questions for us on her experience with Pitch and looking for a new role: 

What job did Pitch help you secure?

I'm a Project Assistant for Radley Yeldar who are an independent marketing and communications agency.

What Process did you go through when looking for a new job?

When it came to looking for a new job, I probably did what everyone says not to! That being that I left my previous role before securing my next job... I decided to do this as I was relocating and wanted to make sure I was settled before jumping straight into a new job in a new city!  The process I went through was first ensuring my CV was up to date with my skill set and experience and then updated my LinkedIn accordingly. Following this, I then read through many job descriptions and contacted companies which I'd like to work for. I found out about Pitch Consultants from someone in my family who use Pitch to recruit for their agency in Birmingham.

How did Pitch help with your job search?

Pitch was brilliant with understanding my skill set and matching that to relevant job opportunities. Trish always kept me informed throughout the process, working out of office hours to ensure I was prepared and ready for my interview by making sure I understood the business and what would be expected of me, both in terms of skills and cultural fit.

What would be your top tip for current job seekers?

My top tip for current job seekers is to make sure you remain positive - if you do get knock backs don't take it personally as it probably wasn't meant to be!


We've also caught up with some former candidates over on our YouTube channel that you can watch now.