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#Freelancelife | Chapter 13 | Elliot

Posted almost 6 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
#FreelanceLife Chapter 13

What a special day it's #FreelanceLife Wednesday! (oh and a football match might be happening later).

This week we speak with UX / UI Designer Elliot. A freelancer for many years now, Elliot has also found the time to co-found new company 'Keypz' that look to manage fan verification for ticket vendors for events.

With his experience behind him, he takes us through the things he wishes he knew starting out, what skills are essential and why he won't go back to the permanent life.


1. What is your favourite thing about being a Freelancer?

There’s always something new, something different - and keeping my creative finger on the pulse, making sure I shift with the forever changing landscape of the industry has always been important to me. It’s hard to keep up with the trends if you’re not living it and with freelancing, you’re learning every day.


2. What is your least favourite thing about being a Freelancer?

This is a tough question… I guess when I started out (a long time ago) it would have to be the “imposter syndrome” - the feeling of you’re not good enough to be in this position - especially when it comes to presenting your work, but you settle into this over time. Until then, here is a handy link for anyone starting out.


3. What skills are essential for a Freelancer?

Listen, take notes and most importantly - speak up. You’re a hired gun, but your role is just as integral as anyone who is a permanent part of the business.

If you listen, you will gain a deep understanding of your project which will help you answer questions and ask them.

If you take notes (and they don’t have to be organised, mine aren't) you have a reference point which allows you to reinforce your understanding.

If you speak up - you have a reinforced understanding and can communicate confidently and concisely.


4. On average, what time do you start and finish work?

This can vary on a daily basis, but I’m in the saddle by 9 am latest and try and punch out at around 5:30/6.00pm - routine can be is good for freelance, especially if you’re remote.


5. How often do you work remotely?

I am completely remote at the moment!


6. What do you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

Manage your accounts better and set yourself up on FreeAgent - oh boi has that saved me a whole bunch of time.


7. Would you ever consider going for a permanent position?

Currently, no - I have just set up my own business which I am using my evenings, lunchtimes and weekends to crack on with and freelancing helps keep my head clear for this.


8.  What is the most standout memory from your Freelance Career?

Solving that big problem in the simplest way. Those are the moments that bring the most joy to me — “there’s got to be a better way of doing this.”


9. What song best represents your Freelance state of mind? Metal, Hip Hop, Classical?

Currently, I’d have to say “Ye - Kanye” and “Kids See Ghosts” has been on repeat - but this varies with my mood, to be honest. The project manager I am working with at the moment was a DJ in a previous life so I have also been listening to his mixes (super chilled) 


Feeling inspired by Elliot? We know we are! If you are looking to get into freelance and aren't sure how here's a simple guide to get you started. If you want to work with the wonderful Elliot or are looking for freelance work, just get in touch with Ellie.

To get involved and share your #FreelanceLife you definitely can! Just get in touch with us now, we'd love to hear from you. You can catch up on the previous 11 chapters and our special editions here.

See you next time,

#FreelanceLife Team x