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Channel 4 and Manchester - A match made in broadcast heaven

Posted almost 6 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
Manchester tram on the move past Pitch Consultants

The destination of the new home for Channel 4 still remains a mystery. What we do know is that it will be heading for Birmingham, Manchester or Leeds. Birmingham was once clear favourites but it now seems as close as ever between the three competitors. Bookmakers Coral are even taking bets on the decision with the West Midlands just slightly edging Manchester as favourites. One thing we do know is that it is definitely going to move as per the Conservatives manifesto.


Each city has spoken as to why they should become the next home for Channel 4. Representatives from each have proclaimed their city to be the perfect home for the broadcaster but for me, there’s only one standout. Manchester.


Channel 4 would fit seamlessly into what is already one of the largest creative hubs in the country. The city of Manchester is already home to some of the U.K’s leading creative agencies - some of whom Pitch recruit for. Fantastic transport links run throughout the city in the shape of trams, buses and trains which connect with destinations all around the country. Manchester is draped in creative history - you only have to look at the past of places such as The Printworks for that.


Luckily enough, in Manchester we are blessed to have some brilliant neighbours. The city of Salford boasts the incredible MediaCityUK which has already prised Granada and parts of the BBC away from their previous occupancies to move to the complex. Again, the city is linked directly to Manchester in terms of transport. Adding Channel 4 into this mix would cement Greater Manchester as the creative and broadcast capital which would be a welcome boost to the local economy and citizens. MediaCityUK was created to accommodate this type of move. In my opinion, Birmingham and Leeds currently don’t have the same amount of high-quality infrastructure to compete with Manchester. The move would be smooth and nowhere near as complicated if Channel 4 were to pick Leeds or Birmingham.


Having offices in both Manchester and Birmingham, you could say Pitch are a neutral recruitment party in this debate but personally, I feel Manchester is the only way Channel 4 can continue to develop and unleash its full potential. Since Pitch started recruiting from Manchester, I’ve seen this iconic city grow and grow and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping yet.


Whatever the decision, moving out of London is a step in the right direction. For too long now the rest of the country has been cut off from creating something special. Even The Guardian are considering moving to Manchester as London continues to price itself out.