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How to dress for an interview

Posted over 5 years ago by Rob Markwell
a clothes rail of suits that could be picked for an interview by Pitch

Interviews can be a daunting process as it is, but I know a lot of us always have that little panic when it comes to deciding what to wear. Your interview is a chance for you to make those first impressions on an employer and we all know how important first impressions are.  

The best place to begin is asking your recruiter or contact what they recommend, as they will have already established a relationship with the client and will be the best point of call in guiding you. You'll most likely be told to dress business smart, smart or smart casual. This all becomes dependant on the industry, the employer and the role.

This is where you would begin to do your research into the company that you are interviewing for. Have a good look through their website and get a feel for their style as every company has varying guidelines in what to wear. Within the creative industries, dress codes do tend to be more relaxed on a day to day basis. However, I wouldn't suggest rocking up to your interview in jeans and a T-shirt (unless you've been told it's okay, then go for it!)

Business casual is often the case for most office jobs. This can be quite vague but just don’t wear a t-shirt but also don’t wear a blazer and tie. Try and find a balance between the two.


- Aim to dress in a manner that is professionally appropriate for the position you are applying to.

- Be presentable. Yes, that means giving your top an iron or make sure to remove that chipped nail polish!

- Make sure you’re comfortable. You want to look your best, but you also want to feel your best and be comfortable in yourself. If you're wearing something that is going to distract your performance, it may be worth a rethink.

- Remember to ask before your interviews about piercings and body modifications. Some employers have policies which don’t allow their workers to have tattoos and piercings on show. This is usually the more corporate of employers rather than the creative industries.

- Check the forecast. If it’s forecast to be sweltering heat then you will not want to be donning hundreds of layers. Same for if there’s rain forecast, you’ll want to remember your umbrella.

- Makeup is fine - but just don’t overdo it. Men and women.

If you are successful in your interview then why not read our blog on how to smash your first day at work? Fingers crossed and good luck from the Pitch team.