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How to smash your first day at your new job

Posted almost 6 years ago by Rob Markwell
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Here at Pitch, we are keen to make people feel as prepared as possible. From the day we first communicate, we are here to support and we wanted to put a blog together to ensure you make a fantastic impression on your first day.

Once you receive the amazing news you are being offered the job, it’s not the time to let your professional guard down and forget all the important points of joining a business.

Here are some top tips on smashing your first day but remember to keep it sustained:

- Sunday night - nerves will probably be kicking in, so do whatever you do to relax. Personally, a bath and book with an early night do the trick for me! The sleep aspect is key - you will be bombarded with information and you’ll want to be looking fresh and alert!

- Travel - research your journey!  You will know the route from your interview, but the last thing you want is to be late on your first day.  So get that earlier train or if you’re driving, leave slightly earlier to make the best impression.

- Dress Code. At this stage, you will probably have been briefed on dress code, but always go slightly smarter and you can always tone it down.

- Another personal prep includes making sure your hair is tidy, your clothes are clean, you’re showered and most importantly, wear your smile all day. Practice your fake laugh - you may need to use it.

- Take notes when given information that is going to help you with your new role.

- Don’t be afraid to ask questions, introduce yourself (solid handshake - not a wet fish) and make conversation (without coming across as a chatterbox).

- Finally, the icing on the cake. Offer to make a round of hot drinks - a guaranteed winner!

As a consultant, I am used to talking to people about the nerves ahead of starting a new role so we hope the tips help.  A first day can always be an information overload and sometimes disjointed depending on the timetable of your introduction. Be proactive, read company documents and ask if you can help with anything.

We understand that the first days in your new company are super daunting but all this preparation will allow you to enter your new workplace with the right attitude and state of mind.

Go and smash it and make the RIGHT impression.