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Pitch+ - Video interviewing made easy.

Posted over 3 years ago by Rebecca Thomas
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Historically our Pitch+ video interviewing platform has been offered at a cost premium to our exclusive and retained clients who require a simple and digital solution to their hiring process. However as lockdown arrived at the start of the year, we recognised many business owners may struggle to interview and onboard candidates remotely, either due to cost factors or a lack of access to a reliable video interviewing platform, and therefore decided to remove any cost barriers associated with Pitch+.

As the requirement for video interviewing has continued to increase, we have decided to keep Pitch+ free to all of our clients for as long as it may be required.

What is Pitch+?

Pitch+ is a virtual interview and meeting platform which seeks to return the human touch to remote recruitment.

Instead of the lengthy process of coordinating diaries for interviews at the office, Pitch+ offers you the flexibility to carry out that meeting as soon as possible. With no fiddly software to download, we set it up, send you the secure link, and using a desktop, laptop or mobile device, off you go!

As it is simple and easy to use, candidates who may normally struggle to attend interviews (such as relocators) can make a quicker connection with your business which in turn opens up your talent pool, providing you with a competitive edge.


I already use an other video conference product. Why should I use Pitch+?

We know the market is full of competitive video conference packages, which may make you question what makes Pitch+ truly unique.

We don’t want to bore you with the technical aspects, but hear us out. Pitch+ is a specialist recruitment platform. Because of this, Pitch+ allows you to engage in a world of digital recruitment you may not have previously encountered without heavy cost implications.


Organise one-way interviews

Looking to reduce the volume of potential candidates through a first-stage interview, or make potential choices based on something other than a CV?

Through Pitch+ you can conduct one-way interviews with questions tailored to your role, company and requirements.

Based on feedback from our clients, this feature has helped to reduce their time to hire by reducing the volume of non-suitable candidates, allowing them to make informed decisions about who may suit their business without having to dedicate time to conducting two-way telephone interviews.

Make better informed decisions

Unlike some platforms, Pitch+ allows you make fully informed recruitment decisions by rewatching recorded one and two-way interviews simultaneously with the candidates CV and other relevant documentation.

Due to its speciality focus, Pitch+ further allows you to share videos with team members and make comments, encouraging feedback and collaboration within your hiring process.

Ensure you are fully GDPR compliant

Prior to recorded interviews taking place, candidates will be presented with a pop-up requesting their consent to record. This ensures your business is fully GDPR compliant.


Some platforms may have a limit as to how long a call last without hitting a paywall, others may require you to download software or only use specific devices.

Pitch+ throws all of that hassle out of the window. When organising interviews, candidates and interviewers are instead provided with a simple website link which can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, meaning you can conduct interviews whilst on the move or from the comfort of your workplace. Add in the fact that we won’t limit the length of you spend in your interview room and it almost seems like a no brainer.

For more information about how Pitch+ may benefit you and how video interviewing can be implemented into your recruitment strategy, feel free to get in touch with one of our consultants today.

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