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Why perfect fit is important

Posted over 1 year ago by Heidi Moreby
Perfect Fit

We talk about finding the perfect fit a lot, but what really is it?

The perfect fit is when there is an equilibrium between candidate and employer wants, needs and expectations. It is our job as recruiters to create this sense of synchronicity and to match the right candidates with the right clients.

However, whilst we often understand what it is clients are looking for and how to how to find the perfect match, for job seekers this often isn’t as clear cut.

As a job seeker it is easy to get wrapped up in your own mind, because you are so focussed on your end goal. And whilst you may believe you are after the same thing as employers, in many cases this is not always the way.

How can I become the perfect candidate?

The perfect candidate is illusive, because the term its self is so subjective towards employer needs, however this doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you can do as a job seeker to bring yourself closer to being that perfect fit.

Find out why they are hiring

Asking the right questions to deem whether this role is for you is important. The most important question you should be asking is why they are hiring.

Often it is just to fill a gap of a leaving team member, but sometimes it is because of a very specific reason. Perhaps they are looking to go through a phase of growth and need someone skilled in this area to help guide them or they may have a skills gap within the organisation which they need to fill for a specific project.

Finding out why the employer is hiring can open up conversations about how you can help to make an impact in the business and can help you gain a stronger understanding of what you can do to make yourself standout against other candidates.

Do your values match?

Values can often be easily found by searching the company website, if applying through an agency who keep the name anonymous reaching out to the recruiter for more information on the company is also a good idea.

Finding out whether your values match can help you to create a more tailored and personalised CV and Cover letter which meets the expectations of the business not just the job description.

By doing this you can appeal to the employer on a personal level, it shows that you are committed to something outside of the general duties of the job role and are willing to consider the bigger picture.

Research shows that those who match their personal values to the companies they aspire to work for are more likely to feel happier and more engaged as an employee because they are passionate about what they do and who they do it for, demonstrating that ensuring a perfect fit can only benefit you in the long-term.

Does your lifestyle match?

Often an overlooked element in job applications is lifestyle. Many people right now are applying for anything and everything in order to secure a more secure income throughout 2021, but in doing this they are thinking short rather than long-term, which may hinder applications.

Before applying for roles we ask candidates to really consider the following points:

  • Do the hours suit my lifestyle?
  • Will it meet my financial needs?
  • Do I need some flexibility?
  • Am I able to meet the criteria of the role?

Whilst we encourage you to be active in your job search, failing to meet these key points in the long-term could place you in a negative position where you are searching for another role within a short-time frame. Additionally, if you are unable to meet the employers requirements it can lead to no offer being made or potentially a failed probation, which can only have negative consequences for yourself.

In applying for roles we encourage all candidates to think about how they can ensure they are the perfect match for employers. This is a sure fire way to make themselves noticed above fellow job seekers and can pave the way for a positive work experience.

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