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How to beat pandemic fatigue as a job seeker

Posted about 3 years ago by Julia Williams
Job Seeker

Pandemic fatigue has been a common discussion over recent weeks, as the consistent ins and outs of lockdowns continue to wear on workers who simultaneously have to manage increased workloads and pressures, alongside homeschooling and a reduction in leisure activities.

Often articles around the issue of pandemic fatigue are centred around those who are employed, leaving job seekers feeling a little left behind in discussions, despite the reality that they are doing just as much as the average individual.

But what can a job seeker do to help beat pandemic fatigue?

Focus on the 'why'

When we get overwhelmed we tend to forget about the ‘why’ and switch into a doing rather than achieving mentality.

Though initially you may think you are getting tonnes done in a day, if it is productivity without meaning it is likely to leave you feeling unsatisfied, demotivated and in some cases with a less effective job search.

When we say focus on the why, we know you want to secure a new role more than anything, but what does that new role look like outside of money?

Does it offer flexible working? Are you looking to join a specific industry or have a career advancement? Would you benefit from broadening your skillset and developing more in demand skills?

Finding this deeper level of meaning is a good way to reinvigorate your mentality around searching for a new job and is likely to have a positive impact longer-term.

Organise your days

The greatest tip to beating the sense of overwhelm associated with fatigue is to ensure you are planning your days and time effectively.

Before starting each week, consider what your goals are and what you would like to achieve. As an example, you may want to apply for 10 roles in a week. Then set aside various timed tasks, which fit around your life, to help you get one step closer to achieving those goals every day.

For instance, on Mondays you may dedicate part of your morning to searching on LinkedIn for roles and tailoring applications, whereas on Fridays when things start to slow down for the week you may want to chase for feedback and find ways you can improve applications.

Organising your days and ensuring they are productive around your schedule is a key way to tackle the sense of overwhelm when applying for jobs. Don’t feel like you have to stick to a 9-5 schedule, if you want to whip up an application whilst the children are eating breakfast - go for it!

Maintain connections

Right now we are all wrapped up into our own worlds, and sometimes it is easy to forget there is a whole galaxy outside of our immediate circles, causing us to feel disconnected and out of sync with reality.

This sense of isolation was already a common issue amongst out of work job seekers, however it seems to have only been escalated by recent lockdowns.

We cannot express how vital it is to ensure you are able to feel a sense of belonging when trying to combat pandemic fatigue. Using resources like LinkedIn and virtual networking groups are ideal ways to find likeminded people, to share issues, collaborate and even network to identify new opportunities.

Whilst these are some simple steps to help you battle the sense of overwhelm on a job seeking front during this lockdown, if the pressures are becoming too heavy we do advise you seek external help.

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