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Recruitment trends in property and construction in 2021.

Posted about 3 years ago by Steve Smaylen

The past year has been a catalyst for the acceleration of change in the property and construction space. With many asking questions such as how offices are likely to adapt and how efficiency can be improved across the sector to ensure the upwards growth trend continues. We examine how these trends are likely to impact recruitment.

Digital transformations

The property and construction sector has been a little late to the party when it comes to digital transformations, but if 2020 showed anything it’s that adopting digital technologies is key for ensuring the delivery of efficient projects in a world where everything isn’t always under the same roof.

We’re seeing more conversations taking place around proptech and connected construction, geared at ensuring supply chain consistency and driving efficiency through project lifecycles. Though many businesses are likely to be focussed on driving the implementation of new technologies surrounding these goals, we urge leaders to not forget about the people element of a digital transformation.

Changing office spaces

The transition to remote working has turned many businesses’ ideas around how the office is used to harness productivity on its head, with many now examining how workspaces can be adapted to set employee needs in the workplace.

Our research into candidate perceptions of the future of work, found that 48.89% of employees believe future offices should be used as a space for collaboration and ideas generation, with a large percentage also believing offices should become spaces for socialisation and learning/development.

Over the coming months we’re expecting to see an increase in the development of co-working spaces and the ‘hotelization’ of office space to accommodate more home comforts and spaces to unwind and collaborate. All of which is likely to boost demand in the construction industry as landlords seek to renovate and redevelop spaces to become more aligned with modern business requirements.

As such this is likely to boost demand for skills in project management, business development, bid management and marketing professions who are able to help drive growth and elevate brand awareness for property and construction firms.

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