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Across the pond: How fintech is revolutionising freelancers

Posted over 2 years ago by Rebecca Thomas

As a freelancer are you fed up of waiting for invoices to be paid on time?

There appears to be a significant gap in the market for freelance and gig economy workers, which fintech brand Willa are working to plug.

Originally targeted towards established social media influencers, Willa’s IOS app holds strong potential for disruption in the freelance market, enabling workers to be paid immediately after they file an invoice (for a transaction fee of course).

Don’t get too excited, this is currently only available in America, so unless you’re willing to take a leap over the pond then we could be waiting some time to see this brought into action in the UK. However it does open the doors for some disruption in the way which freelancers and gig workers are paid, and demonstrates some early signs of fintech starting to make its mark within the creative industry.

So what are your thoughts? Are you keen to see something like Willa being introduced in the UK? Let us know over on our Linkedin page.

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