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Everything you need to know as a job seeker - Summer 2021

Posted 10 months ago by Rebecca Thomas

A lot has changed in the market since our previous job seeker trends blog, so we figured it was about time you all got an update on what you can expect and how you can get ahead in the summer 2021 job market. Because nothing beats that fresh tan, new job life right?.

Now is the time to search

Now is the time to search for a new job. No really, get going!.

During the summer months, we can expect to see the average volume of applications decrease by as much as 15%. And with the markets talent shortage putting further pressure on businesses looking to recruit, you can expect competition (depending on role level) to be much lower this year, than historical averages. Meaning today is the perfect time to be looking for your next job.

Demand is returning to normal levels

A few months ago we would have told you that demand for digital skills reigned supreme. And in many ways it still does, as businesses seek to maintain digital engagement with consumers. However in recent months we have started to see substantial recovery in other areas, with demand for PR, creative, account handling and freelance talent starting to return to and in some instances exceed pre-covid levels as businesses grapple with recovery and substantial growth.

Salaries have changed

2020 certainly impacted salaries. But whilst some of you may be thinking this was for the worst, we’re here to tell you it was actually the inverse.

Our salary surveys found that on the whole salaries maintained, with some growth in key in demand areas. For instance SEO professionals could expect to earn between £1,000 - £5,000 more in the Midlands than during 2018/19.

Not all companies are offering flexible working

In April we identified a trend that not all companies are offering flexible working options, and this seems to have remained true going into the summer. Though many businesses are adapting their remote and flexible working policies to enable a stronger work/life balance, it is worth talking with your recruiter or making an enquiry to the businesses about their flexible working arrangements prior to applying.

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