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Where we are 6 months later?

Posted almost 3 years ago by Rob Markwell
Pitch Update

At the end of last year we set an objective for 2021. To reinvigorate ourselves in the market, taking our rediscovered start-up mentality and applying it to make an impact.

Now over 6 months into the year, where are we with this goal?

Growing strong

Over the past 6 months we have placed a strong focus on how we serve our markets.

We’ve enhanced our desk structure, allowing our team the freedom to devise their own business development strategies and equally grow their desks and markets how they chose to. This has been supported by a stronger emphasis on how we can serve clients best, offering tailored recruitment solutions around our retained, exclusive and multi-agency packages.

Quality has always been at the forefront of our expectations, and because our amazing team have been able to live up to the promises they make, we’ve seen substantial growth.

With more new clients across the agency, in-house and freelance space joining us each week, it means we’ve been able to invest internally, training our teams on how they can best partner with clients, making some well deserved promotions and even bringing in some brilliant new faces.

Our people

So far in 2021, we’ve introduced 4 new faces to the Pitch team - Heidi, Steve, Matt and Lara. And though they’ve only been with us a short time, we couldn’t imagine Pitch without them.

We’re also continuing our search for fresh talent to help propel our 2021 goal forward. We’re currently recruiting for Principal, Managerial and Senior Consultants, so if you’re looking or know someone who is, take a peak at what’s on offer.

Because of our growth, we’ve also been able to make promotions. Julia to Principal Consultant and Pagan to Senior Marketing Executive. Both of whom have made fantastic contributions to Pitch over the course of the past year, and continue to bring fresh ideas to the plate. Go you guys!

Plans for the future

We’re super pleased with how things have gone for us so far in 2021, and have so many plans for the future. Though we can’t reveal what these are just yet (sorry!), we believe that they’re going to elevate Pitch to the next level.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks and months. And as always you can follow our LinkedIn for the latest updates on all things Pitch.