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The top 3 things candidates want to know about your company

Posted over 2 years ago by Steve Smaylen
Recruitment Insight

In today’s competitive candidate market standing out is important, and because many of today’s candidates are often in multiple processes at once, a job is no longer just a job. Because of this candidates are becoming more selective with which companies they join, and whilst there are many reasons behind this, the 3 elements of flexibility, development and culture stand most proud.


We get it already! Flexible working is important.

We could list you a bunch of stats that tell you how many people want flexible working, but you probably already know that stuff!

Whether you offer flexible working or not, what candidates are really looking for is transparency around this topic. They want honest and clear answers as to what you’re offering and whether there are plans for things to change in the near future. Only with this information can they ensure they’re joining the company that’s right for them for the long-term.

Development opportunities

We couldn’t tell you whether it’s down to the abundance of free online courses in 2020 or the fact we all feel like we’re a year behind (seriously how is it 2022 in 3 months?), but candidates are eager to join companies who are looking to help them grow and progress.

So we’re giving you full permission to shout about this from the rooftops, assuming it’s part of your employee retention plan, and including it within job advertisements, supporting materials and discussing it at interview stages is key for attracting the very best talent today.


Whether you’re in the office, working from home or a split of the two, you can’t deny that having a positive team culture is impactful in ways you can’t really describe.

Candidates want to join companies where they feel not only valued, but where they believe they have a voice and can make an impact.

So in addition to talking about all those amazing company trips out and perks, showing applicants how they can make a difference through their role will help you out massively when it comes to attracting the right people.

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