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Top 3 trends in property marketing

Posted over 2 years ago by Steve Smaylen
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The bubble still hasn’t burst! The property market is still undergoing its boom, with a 67% rise in residential property sales in September.

But with increased growth comes more intense competition. As a result, we’ve seen greater investment into new marketing techniques, especially amongst new entrants to the market who are seeking ways to standout and attract.

Virtual viewings

As demand continues to outstrip supply across the property sector, some buyers are purchasing their dream home without viewing it in person. And with the vast majority of buyers wanting virtual viewings to continue beyond the pandemic, adopting a digital first strategy is a growing marketing trend amongst property businesses.

We’ve seen everything from zoom showings and VR experiences to drones, 360 viewings and tiktok being used to advertise properties, all requiring a skilled marketing professional to create eye catching videos and content.

SEO optimisation

With the majority of people now looking for properties online, getting postings and websites seen is a priority and ranking high in search engines is key for this.

As a result we’re seeing more property businesses investing in digital marketers and SEO experts to ensure their SEO strategy is spot on across content, blogs, websites and basically any other digital channel you can think of.

Brand investment

When thinking of looking for a property most people think of platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla. They’re big brands in the market, who for years have nurtured buyer trust and developed strong reputations. It’s pretty hard to compete against these market forces, but property businesses are taking note of the importance of brand image and reputation in the market, and are investing in Brand Managers to help steer the ship of public perception.

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