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Improving company culture starts with professional development

Posted about 2 years ago by Heidi Moreby
Recruitment Insight2

We’re big advocates of companies using their culture as a tool to hire great people. It’s through putting their Heart+Soul out there that they’re able to differentiate against the competition and add some personality behind their brand.

Having a strong culture is so important in attracting and retaining talent today. Job seekers are increasingly reprioritising and structuring their professional lives around their personal values, and are seeking out companies with a strong culture which enable and support them.

But culture isn’t just a fancy workspace, a fridge full of food and the occasional team outing. It’s about how the leadership team embody company values, support employees are able to address complex issues in the right way.

These are all dynamics which can’t be brought with the company credit card and delivered next day (sorry). They take time and personal investment.

To put it simply, improving culture starts at the heart of a business, through training and development.

LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2022 report identifies 5 key areas businesses should be investing in to improve workplace culture:

  • Professional Development Opportunities - 59%

  • Flexible work support - 48%

  • Mental Health and Wellness - 42%

  • Training managers to lead remote teams - 35%

  • Diversity and inclusion - 26%

Though just the tip of the culture iceberg, getting leadership within a business right is the foundation for creating a great company culture which attracts and retains employees.