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January takeaways….

Posted 5 months ago by Rebecca Thomas
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You can never tell what a new year is going to be like! January is sometimes busy, sometimes crazy and other years it’s been hit and miss. This year, for once it’s been pretty steady…
Here are our top 5 January take aways so far….

1. Thoughtful permanent hiring.
Gone is the gung-ho hiring attitude of 2021/22, we seem to be back in an era of thoughtful, considered and commercial hiring plans. Clients are seeking more information on hiring trends, skill set reviews and there is more consideration being given to finding the best possible talent with the most potential rather than a somewhat rushed process to get a bum on a seat. This approach is right up our street and lends itself perfectly to our retained offering. You can find out more about how a retained partnership works here

2. Sales, business development, new business, client acquisition.
Call it what you want, bringing new revenue into the business is pretty high on most of our clients agendas so appointing someone to lead this, deliver this, progress this or simply kick this off is a hot topic.
We’ve seen a marked increase in the number of clients looking for new business talent to join their teams, in particular at a senior level. You may not know this but commercial and sales recruitment is a core skill within the Pitch team and as recruitment consultants, we like to think we know a thing or two about a sales profile too. Don’t take our word for it, check out what our clients say about us here

3. Freelance solutions.
Hiring permanent resource into your team is a big commitment and one that can take a great deal of time and investment from you as an employer. Plus, an uncertain market can leave you questioning if the time is right. Our freelance service has been a popular solution in January and looks to be equally busy moving into February. Whether you’re looking for a short-term fix or a longer-term solution to your hiring challenge we have talent on our books able to cover every eventuality and who can also be available to you at short notice. Our temp solution is quick, slick and painless. Give our dedicated freelance consultant a call to get the details

4. Internal upskilling and training.
With some hiring plans on pause, department heads are looking at how they upskill and retain their team members, allowing them to grow expertise whilst maintaining a steady head count. This approach plays a huge part in team retention.

5. Apprenticeships and junior talent acquisition.
We’re seeing and hearing more about apprenticeships and the hiring of junior talent with brands investing in growing their own and developing the next generation. This is something we are hugely passionate about at Pitch and something we have historically invested in via our B-Hive initiative. Hopefully this way of thinking is here to stay!
If you’re looking to make a hire in Q1 now is the time to contact us. With a range of competitive commercial solutions to suit every hiring budget there is a way to find the talent you’re looking for. Sign up for more job market insight, hiring tricks and candidate tips.

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