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Pitch Talk....

Posted 23 days ago by Rebecca Thomas
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​Pitch Talk…

We were enjoying some sunnier days until today but that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom!  Here’s a little market update from our Managing Director, Rebecca Thomas.

Market Update

News on the job-hunting or talent-searching front has also been a little sunnier of late. There is movement in the market, candidates are looking, and clients are hiring, which is positive for everyone! So, what’s the catch…… Truth be told, it’s a bit of a messy market right now, if you’re recruiting at the moment, you may know exactly what we mean. If you’ve not been on the lookout recently then let me give you an idea of what the landscape is like.

It’s no secret that recruitment has got harder and harder over the years. When I first joined the Pitch team way back when in…(goes to check LinkedIn for her start date) 2011 recruitment was a much simpler process.

Clients had simple briefs, candidates had straightforward expectations, everyone went for face-to-face interviews, worked 5 days a week and most of the time negotiation was focused on salary expectations. Which, if I’d done my job right when I qualified and sent the candidate was limited because we were all on the same page. There were less layers of complexity in offers and the pace of recruitment was quicker.

Fast forward to now; We have a much wider range of skills to recruit for, many specialists, some more niche, and lots of them pretty hard to come by. PR is still PR but it could also encompass, content, social, paid, and organic. Making the search bigger, broader, and not quite so straightforward.

Not only have skill profiles evolved the variables of benefits, flexibility and working hours are vast now making qualification and candidate management a whole new level of difficulty. This means recruitment is more time-consuming, takes longer to deliver, and can cause a ripple effect of challenges for many businesses.

If you know the Pitch team, then you know we like a challenge and we’re totally here for it! Our product offering will always provide you with a solution tailor-made to whatever you need, ensuring we can find you what you’re looking for. We just might need to factor in a little more time, a few more variables and put our awesome negotiation and qualification skills to the test!

We’re in the process of bringing out our brand new How to Recruit Guide, this will give hints and tip on how to hire better in this challenging market! This would guide you on how to do it yourself as well as how you can use an agency more effectively and overcome some of the above-mentioned issues.

Pitch Talent

On the Pitch news front, we have a new starter….

Natasha Price, is our newest Pitch team member and to say we’re delighted to have her would be a total understatement! Natasha joins us with a wealth of creative and marketing recruitment experience, temp and perm knowledge as well as being an ideal fit for our Pitch Culture. We love her and we know you will too. If you want to find out more about Tash, feel free to reach out to her – 

If we’re not already in touch with you as a candidate or client give us a buzz we’d love to chat 💚