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What we want to be remembered for

Posted about 4 years ago by Rob Markwell
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In our podcast brand building for SME’s we discuss the importance of having a good brand and what this means for your reputation as a company.

Branding is no longer just about the visuals of your company, but rather what you do to embed it within society and the wider world. It is about how others perceive you and your willingness to contribute and help solve their issues. In today’s climate, your behaviour as an organisation is more important than ever, where many brands will either succeed or fail in retaining customer favourably.

Due to their negative handling of the Covid-19 crisis, brands like Sports Direct, Virgin Atlantic, Wetherspoons and countless others are at risk of consumer boycotts following their perceived inability to put people at the heart of their organisations over profit.

And right now, putting people first is exactly what brands should be doing. People are not going to remember your bottom line or profit and loss statements, what they will remember is what you did to help.

Giving back is one of our values as a brand. In the early weeks of the crisis, we ensured our team were safe by moving to an entirely working from home model, a scary move at the time but one which has payed off by our teams adapting positively and doing everything they can to ensure the cogs of business keep turning.

And then we got to thinking ‘how can we give back to our community?’. How can we connect people and ensure they are able to maintain a sense of normality during an abnormal period?


One of the ways we have decided to give back is through our knowledge. As an organisation we are constantly in contact with agencies, in-house brands and candidates alike who all share concerns and insecurities about the current period and we are constantly learning that the action of one may have a positive impact on the other.

With this in mind we are working around the clock to bring you resources in the form of blogs, PDF’s, video’s and mailers which may benefit you as a business owner or candidate.

More resources are still to come in the following weeks, but here’s a list of some of the most popular resources requested so far with how you can access them:

Our staff

Whilst Pitch exists as an organisation, it is its employee’s which turn it into a brand. Many of our team have taken it upon themselves to reach out within their own communities and help those in need, some going as far as volunteering for the NHS to give them a sense of pride and meaning during this unusual time.


Traditionally offered to our exclusive and retained clients at an upfront, Pitch+ is our premium virtual interview platform. When the crisis hit, we made the decision to reduce some of our income and offer this for free to everyone until a period where we can all resume business as usual.

This was to ensure businesses are able to stay connected with prospective hires and on boarders, keeping the flow of talent open for those who potentially could not afford their own video interviewing software but need some extra support.

If there is anything we can do to help you or your business then please reach out to us.

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