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Midlands Manufacturing - What to expect in Q4

Posted over 2 years ago by Lara Lee
Manufacturing Insight

With output falling by -1.67% at the start of 2021, its fair to say the manufacturing industry didn’t get off to a strong start in 2021. But oh how the tables have turned over the last few months.

Manufacturing in the West Midlands

The manufacturing industry in the West Midlands continues to go from strength to strength, with production output projected to increase by 54% over the first 3 months of Q4. As a result, investment and employment continue to grow, with a projected 40% increase to employment on the horizon.

Recruitment remains a challenge

Continued manufacturing growth across the West Midlands is reliant on many factors, including supply chain efficacy, with another being access to talent.

With 70% of businesses struggling to find staff, access to skilled professionals is one of the biggest concerns for UK employers today.

Recruitment primarily remains an issue across the manufacturing sector due to a variety of factors, from Brexit to Covid. But when it comes to recruiting for marketing and comms professionals, it’s the image problem which is the biggest sticking point.

We recently wrote a blog which addresses the image issue in manufacturing and recruiting. But to cut a long story short, having a strong employer brand is key. We’re not talking about having a fancy workspace with aesthetic features (though that can help!), it’s about advertising company benefits and culture in a way which is different from competitors and makes prospective applications truly believe it’s a great place to work.


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