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What is in demand? What skills are being hired and where?

Posted over 3 years ago by Rebecca Thomas

As businesses have reduced hiring budgets, we have received many questions from candidates asking whether their skills are in demand right now, whether it is a good time to make a move and even if we think they will get a job this side of Christmas.

This is a concerning time for many, which is why through analysing our own data we were able to compile some insights which candidates may find useful in their job search.

What is in demand?

Our previous insights document “Pitch Perspective” highlighted digital skills are more in demand than more traditional roles at the moment, and is a trend we anticipate to continue throughout the remainder of 2020.

We have seen an increase in demand for the following skills:

Social Media: 50% increase

Digital roles (web development, fullstack/front-end/back-end developers, UX/UI designers): 44% increase.

Marketing: 11% increase

This has largely been motivated by a mass business shift from traditional tools of sale to more digital formats, where the gradual increase in demand for social and digital roles is indicative of a trend still gathering momentum.

However, what about the more traditional skill sets?

We have seen a decrease in demand for the following skills:

Account handling: 93% decrease

Creative: 70% decrease

PR: 33% decrease

Whilst a decrease in demand for these skills can be disheartening, it is wise to remember this is not just motivated by reduced hiring budgets, but also by a lack of movement in the job sector due to workers feeling secure in their role.

Controversially the reduction in availability of creative roles in the market is largely due to a reduction in requirement for freelance graphic designers, artworkers and digital designers to name a few. However, with the festive period nearing we are starting to see a small increase in demand for these skills in creative agencies, highlighting the downward trend may not be long-term.

Some good news

Some good news is that some roles are seeing less competition in the market, with the following skillsets having a reduction in the volume of applicants per role.

  • Account handling: 52% decrease
  • Marketing: 75% decrease
  • Technical: 43% decrease

This is positive news for account handlers currently out of work, where though there are fewer roles in the market, a lack of confidence amongst workers to change and move jobs has played to their advantage when making applications.

Likewise for those with technical skillsets, an increase in the volume of open positions and low competition makes todays market an ideal time to move and change jobs if unsatisfied in your current position.

Location, Location, Location

Location plays a big part in our job search, and what people are looking for has evolved as a result of lockdown.

We have found over the course of the past 3 months that the availability of roles in outer-city regions has increased, and is largely driven by those entrepreneurial SMEs who have historically shunned city centre working due to cost factors and businesses who opted to relocate to save money.

These movers, combined with a reduction in big firm hires, has meant those candidates looking for work in cities like Manchester and Birmingham have a stronger advantage over those looking to stay closer to home, with the average number of applications per role lower in city regions.

For a more in-depth insight into how changes in the job market impact you as a candidate or business, download our free guide.

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