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Different is realising that the traditional routes to talent acquisition are not performing.

Different is understanding that changing your job is a big deal.

Different is speaking to a consultant who genuinely understands what you do and can offer you insight and advice that helps shape and inform decisions.

Different is being able to support clients not only in attracting, but nurturing, retaining and developing talent in a very competitive marketplace.

our service

We won’t call you with any old job. We will take time to understand what you’re looking for in your next role, and will take time to listen, before advising.

We won’t ever force you into considering a role you don’t like the sound of and we won’t talk down other opportunities you may be looking at via other sources. It’s your career and we’re here to help; we’re good at it too.

What that means is we’re here to help right from the word go, advising on CV structure, interview techniques (specific to the company and individuals you’re meeting), salary expectations, offer stages, resignations and lots more.

We promise to always feed back to you regarding progress with applications as quickly as we can. And if things are taking a little longer than expected, we’ll explain why.

We will also NEVER send your details anywhere without your permission and will always call you to talk through each opportunity. That way, you’ll always know who we’re speaking to on your behalf.

Our job is to make your job search as smooth and rewarding as possible; searching for a new role can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help every step of the way.

So relax, pour yourself a cuppa (or something stronger if it’s been one of those days) and have a browse through our live jobs. 

the team

interested in joining the team?

We hire on DNA, looking for people with strong ethics, values and determination to stand above the rest. Our team are given structured personal development to help them deliver the best possible service to candidates and clients alike. With such a spectrum of different recruitment businesses out there, it can sometimes be tricky to find the one best aligned to your aspirations, visions and values. So why work for Pitch and what should you expect?

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Pitch MD Rob Markell wins HR & Recruitment Award at Birmingham Young Professional of the Year

We're delighted to announce that Rob Markell, Managing Director here at Pitch, has won the HR, Recruitment and Training category at the Birmingham ...

Posted by Stephanie McConville


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Prolific North Awards 2017 Video Interviews

During the Prolific North Awards, we were fortunate enough to get to speak to representatives from three different companies up for an award. Josh ...

Posted by Stephanie McConville


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Prolific North Awards 2017

Last week, on an unusually warm Thursday evening in Manchester, the fifth Prolific North Awards took place. It’s always the most hotly anticipated ...

Posted by Stephanie McConville


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Demand is growing for temporary workers. Here’s why.

As a specialist recruiter in the marketing/comms, digital and creative sector, we are seeing a marked increase in the demand for permanent talent, ...

Posted by Clare Bumford


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Prolific North Awards 2017: Why They Matter

There is only one week until the Prolific North Awards 2017 and at Pitch, we could not be more excited. This year will mark the 5th time the awards...

Posted by Rebecca Thomas


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Marathon Man

Congratulations to Pitch MD Rob who not only managed to finish the London Marathon but did so in an incredibly respectable time of 3hrs25mins, rais...

Posted by Stephanie McConville


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